Zombsroyale.io Chrome Extension Installation Guide

Hello again dear io game addicts. You can find the download application from the links on some internet sources but that will be hard to install for you. So please follow the steps below the get the best results as soon as possible, as it may take a little bit tame to open the source code. Firstly, you should download and install the Chrome extension of Zombsroyale.io game. You need to upload the extension file as an add-on your own Chrome web browser.

Zombsroyale.io Chrome Extension Installation Steps

And you should continue to use Google Chrome’s pointer cursor instead of the default crosshair cursor for Zombsroyale.io V0.2 will appear as a double bookmark for Zombsroyale.io in the viewer. If you do this, you may have a Zombsroyale.io Chrome bot.

In the Zombsroyale io game you have to accumulate weapons and objects that work with your character and try to survive by killing your enemies.

After you have written your nickname, you can start the fun game immediately by pressing the play button. With the WASD keys you can provide the controls.

Zombsroyale.io Chrome Extension Install

You can press E to get weapons and objects on the ground. To use your weapons and objects, you have to press the left mouse button on the screen at the bottom of the screen.

After the game is loaded, type your nickname and press play to start your fun game. You can control your character with the WASD keys. Collect the weapons and objects you find in the playing field and kill all of them by shooting at enemies. You can use the E key to get objects in the area.

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