Tankwars.io Tips & Strategies for kids

Tankwars.io Tips & Strategies for gamers. Baby Hazel Christmas surprise – make the holidays an experience! Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise is a festive girl’s game from the popular Baby Hazel series.

Shortly before the festival, you have to help the little sweet girl with the Christmas preparations. Make sure every child gets a Christmas present and make a wish list. In Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise, always click on the item shown in a speech bubble and give it to the figure you are looking for.

Tankwars.io Tips & Strategies for children

It’s already snowing and Hazel would love to ski all day and play in the snow with her friends. Building a snowman and snowball fights are also attractive in the good weather. But there is still much to do. Garlands, candy canes and Christmas baubles need to be hung up in Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise and lots of presents to get. But wait: Santa brings it! Whether the children were good and are richly gifted?

Tankwars.io Tips & Strategies for gamers

From Christmas tree to wishlist – make all preparations

Before the holidays, there is a lot to do:

Decorate baby Hazels house and Christmas tree.

Ready lists with wishes of Hazel and her friends: no matter if guitar or kitten, you can wish for almost anything.

Fly the children’s wish lists on parachutes to the North Pole.

Bring Baby Hazel and her brother to bed before visiting Santa.

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