Most Popular Alternative io game of the world

Hello gamers, Most Popular Alternative game now possible to play onour web site! Satchels and shoes need to be stowed away safely, the table fordinner can be set and the dishes washed out in the sink.Cleaning up is even funhere, because all you need is your mouse and the right view for the things tobe put away. Just click on it and find the right place to drag it with themouse. For example, clothes are in the closet. Most Popular Alternative game for children

Can you help Peter make all the rooms shine again? From hall to nursery – play through the whole house. Start cleaning with Peter in the hallway and play into his own room. There are many different rooms awaiting you with clean-up challenges: Most Popular Alternative game of Europe

the hallway with the wardrobe

the kitchen with its many cupboards

the nursery full of toys

the stairs – here you have to eliminate dangerous tripping hazards

the large living room

When you have completed all the tasks in the house,you can put Peter to play. Equipped with a jacket, sunglasses and a coolbaseball cap, nothing stands in the way of a happy evening on the playground. Girlfriend Lisa is already here!

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