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Racing Cube – jump as long as you can! Raging Dice is a cool skill game in which you can whiz and jump as far as possible with your little cube.

Play through 25 exciting levels and overcome all obstacles. Spiky spikes and dangerous gears will get in your way, but with a skilful jump at the right time, you can routinely dodge them. So get to the keys. Be sure to try out all three game modes: do you prefer classic mode, gravity, or flight mode? Tips & Strategies for kids

Racing Dice requires responsiveness and good nerves, but of course you can always start over again if you can not manage a level. Do you find the right timing for your somersaults? Find out and get carried away by the speed!

This is how you play Frenzied Cube

The simple gameplay will inspire you:

Your Raging Cube moves straight on by itself.

Jump over dangerous obstacles by clicking or tapping.

Reach the finish line.

Above, you can see what percentage of the distance you have traveled. Can you hunt for the course record? Tips & Strategies for gamers

Get inspired by the cool retro look of the Frenzied Cube and achieve an impressive score. If you are particularly fast, you can even earn bonus points.

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