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In Sara’s Scary Snacks, scary dishes such as witch’s fingers and eyeballs must be prepared (of course, no real body parts are used!). This is not for the faint hearted, but once a year, as the days get longer and foggy, it’s really fun!

The gameplay:

As always, find the right kitchen appliances and ingredients and put them in the right place on the kitchen counter.

Open the kitchen cabinets and the fridge for that.

Put all ingredients together in the right order.

Use the kitchen utensils like the blender, spoon and oven to prepare your great Halloween snacks.

Fortunately, Sara has bought a new baking pan, which is great for baking witch fingers.

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Decorate witch fingers and eyeballs – for free online on our web site.

Use familiar kitchen ingredients to create a spooky decoration:



Strawberry sauce


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With all these harmless dishes you can achieve great effects, for example, if you use almonds as fingernails and red sauce as gaudy nail polish. With peanut butter, you can stick decorations so your party guests will not fall off the snacks.

Try the cool recipe ideas and play Sara’s Creepy Tartlets and Sara’s Halloween Tortillas. And now on to the kitchen – play Sara’s scary snacks for free online on our web site!

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