Spinz.io Tips & Strategies for kids

Poop Clicker 3 – gain energy from piles! Poop Clicker 3 is a fun casual game in which you can discover and promote poop as an alternative source of energy.

Start with a clicker toilet to earn your first poop and soon be the first member of your successful toilet crew. They all can automatically produce a certain number of piles per second, which you can then invest in more members and even stars like Shrek and Batman. Also, use the upgrade list at the bottom left to include a cow, an entire farm, and finally, even a city, a factory, and the planet for energy. So that luck does not come too short, you can rotate regularly on the Wheel of Fortune and gain more resources!

Spinz.io Tips & Strategies for children

So every toilet becomes a goldmine! Do not miss this clicker fun and play Poop Clicker 3 online for free on our web site! Super dino fighters – let the giant lizards fight! Super Dino Fighter is an exciting fighting game in which you can challenge dinosaurs in combat gear against each other.

Spinz.io Tips & Strategies for gamers

Puzzle the dinosaur’s armor first, then release it in the arena for its opponent. Kicking, biting, shooting and being surrounded by a laser shield are available as attack and defense strategies. Wait until your fighting strength has recharged and then start the next round. If your Super Dino fighter wins the victory, you’ll receive a win bonus that will soon earn you a new and even stronger Blue Ice Rex or Drago-Rex.

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