Slither io unblocked play chrome extensions Playing with friends on a server . That’s how it works. If you want to go high-score hunting with friends in, the developer of the game does not make it easy for you. That’s why we introduce you to a browser plugin with which you can easily switch to the server of a gambling friend. Slither io unblocked play chrome extensions available now and let’s take a look at the details below:

Download and install “Slither Friends” for Chrome

Find out “Friends Id”

Multiplayer games are most fun with friends, the addictive is no exception. However, in the standard version of the browser game, it is not easy and technical know-how to join a friend’s server. Fortunately, the free Chrome plugin “Slither Friends” takes all the work off your hands.

Slither io unblocked play Chrome extensions- Download for Chrome

Download and install “Slither Friends” for Chrome

First visit this link and click on the blue button labeled “Add” in the upper right corner. A new window opens in which you select “Add extension”. Then the correct installation is confirmed with another window, just click on “Ok”.

If you’ve done everything right, “Slither Friends” now appears in your Chrome browser right next to the address bar. You can recognize the plugin by a symbol that shows a blue and a purple snake. Now click on “Slither Friends” and then on “Play” to start the browser game.

Find out Slither io “Friends Id” on Chome

Surely you will notice that next to the entry field for the name, another field with the name “Friends Id or ip: port” has been added. If you enter in this field the “Friends Id” or the IP address of a friend, you can play together on a server.

You find out your own “Friends Id” by starting normally and taking a look at the description of the current tab. Please note that the “Friends Id” is assigned automatically and therefore changes when you start a new game.

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