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Emily’s bottle mail – manage an Italian trattoria

Emily’s Message in the Bottle is a cute management game where you can immerse yourself in the past of your delicious friend and run her grandfather’s restaurant.

Learn more about Emily’s family in beautiful Italy and meet her at a time when the little girl comforts her grandfather over the death of his wife. With her cheerful nature, little Emily cheers up her grandpa – years later she finds a bottle post from this time that evokes a lot of memories. Tips & Strategies for children

Grandfather’s restaurant operation in a lovely Italian village has to continue – can you help Emily’s uncle satisfy their guests with pizza and pasta? Click through the individual tasks, master 90 new levels and get to know many new recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine. Tips & Strategies for gamers

This is how you play Delicious: Emily’s Message in a Bottle

Take orders from guests at the counter or at the table.

Put the dishes in the outdoor kitchen together so that they end up in the spending area.

Sometimes you have to combine several ingredients, such as pizza dough, tomato sauce and cheese.

Serve the finished meals by clicking on the guests at the counter or at the table.

Click on the cashier to cash in. Clean the dirty dishes and wipe the table.

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