Evowars IO Unblocked Play Game

You start as a weak character in the ewo wars game. You can move your character with the mouse. You can use your weapon with left mouse click and you can reach extra speed with click right mouse click ( this feature uses your exp. ).

If you level up your character gets different and powerfull weapons. You can reach special weapons completing social media offers like  subscribe in youtube channel , follow in twitter or follow in facebook etc. This game availible on web browser , Apple app store or Google Play store.

You can also have a custom weapon that is named butcher if you download the app from Google Play store or Apple app store. You can see all evolutions ,all weapons and all offers in evolution tab. In start screen you can see the how to play hints. And if you playing with Google chrome web browser you can get extra %25 bonus by turn off your add blocker add ons.

If you look at the score board you can see  your game statistics , best timings and kill –  death  ratios. it’s time to play this game and have a good time ! With Evowars io, published by Neexeen Entertainment and Tobiasz Paszkowski, you can immediately use the server on our website to experience a great gaming experience.

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